In order to avoid misunderstandings during the purchase registration, please read and confirm the following rules for the purchase of goods on the website euroscooter.eu (SIA “SHEVLAD”, vienotais reģ.Nr. 40003842925).

1. Since the offer to purchase goods, provided by euroscooter.eu comes through the Internet, and in accordance with Article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Latvia “On Protection of Consumer Rights” (Law OPCR), the contract between us is considered as a Distance Agreement.

2. Your order can be placed on the webpage www.euroscooter.eu, in the shops:  Kalnciema 148 and Katlakalna 13, Riga, Latvia or by phone +371 29650250.

3. On the website euroscooter.eu all prices for goods include VAT 21%. Price validity period is specified for each product. The indicated price does not include the cost of delivery service.

4. Your order and delivery can be paid by bank transfer or using the services of a leasing company, it is also possible to make payment when receiving the order – in cash or by a payment card (only in the customer service center euroscooter.eu)

5. When ordering goods, it is suggested to choose one of three methods to receive the goods:
Free – pick up order at the customer service center euroscooter.eu, at the address: Kalnciema 148 or Katlakalna 13, Riga, Latvia. In addition, you may take an advantage of our shipping service within Latvia, Europe and CIS countries. (http://euroscooter.eu/ru/delivery/)

Economical delivery – get the goods in one of Omniva’s ATMs, if several goods are ordered, they can be delivered all together or separately.


6. Delivery is not carried out on weekends and holidays. Delivery of goods may take a longer time, in case of delay in bank transfers between different banks.

7. The order must be collected within 5 working days after receiving information from euroscooter.eu, that the order is prepared.

8. Before using the purchased product, please read the instructions for use carefully and use the product only for its intended purpose, according to the product specifications and manufacturer’s recommendations.

9. If You have changed your mind and decided to refuse the ordered goods, the Law of the Republic of Latvia “On Protection of Consumer Rights” (Law OPCR) and Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No. 255 “On Distance Agreement” (CM Regulation No. 255) stays that the buyer has the right to terminate the Agreement within 14 calendar days and return the goods purchased in the Internet store back to the seller. Moreover, the Law OPCR in Article 12, Part 6 specifies that the consumer is responsible for the safety and quality of the goods during the validity period of the right to return the goods under the terms of the Distance Agreement. We advise you to keep the original package of the goods so that the goods are not damaged during transportation, when using the rights to return order under the terms of the Distance Agreement. In order to negotiate the return of goods, please contact us at info@euroscooter.eu or call +371 29650250, specifying the number and the date of order. You can return the goods by delivering it to any of the euroscooter.eu stores in Riga:  Kalnciema 148 or Katalkalna 13.

10. If there are technical problems with the purchased goods, free service repair of goods will be performed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Latvia on Protection of Consumer Rights.

11. We remind you that the norms under the Law OPCR are not applicable for purchases made by legal entities.

12. According to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, SIA SHEVLAD keeps agreements with its customers for accounting purposes. Leasing contracts are kept by specific leasing companies.

13. Marketing activities:

13.1. euroscooter.eu may freely initiate various types of marketing activities, including loyalty programs.

13.2. In accordance with point Nr.9, the customer has the right to refuse the purchase. In this case, euroscooter.eu returns to the customer money spent for the purchase, if there were such.


14. Internet store euroscooter.eu reserves the right not to service the order, if representatives of the online store cannot contact the customer at the specified phone number or e-mail.

15. If you intend to pay for the order with a bank card, please, read the daily payment limits set by your bank, before payment.



If you have any questions, please call +371 29650250 or send e-mail to info@euroscooter.eu.