About us

The company was established in 2006. (SHEVLAD LTD)

Companies BIXENON.LV and EUROLED.LV were our earlier and successful projects.

The main activity of the company EUROSCOOTER is wholesale and retail trading of electric vehicles, both for children and for adults.

EUROSCOOTER has 3 specialised shops and wholesale network, where You can purchase high quality products in the broadest assortment in Europe.

Our specially trained staff is always ready to provide professional consultation or give advice and help to choose perfect product for you.

Moreover, free training and testing of all kinds of products is available in our stores.

The mission of our company is a satisfied customer, and as a result, recommendations of our company to your friends, colleagues and relatives.

The vision of the company:

We want to become the leading company not only in its sector in the markets of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, but also in Europe and the CIS.

Our core advantages are high quality products and services.

We are a stable company that is evolving and improving, thanks to our customers and motivated staff.


Why should You choose us?

We are the largest supplier of lectric vehicles in the Baltic States market .

Company EUROSCOOTER owns the trademark VISIONAL, which is top saller in the Baltic States.

Cooperating with us you do not overpay dealers, as the products offered by us are offered at factory prices, considering the highest quality.

The company owns a repair base, which allows to make repair in the shortest possible time.

Delivery of goods to our wholesale customers is provided by transport company EUROSCOOTER.EU


EUROSCOOTER is the co-founder of the factory-manufacturer of balance scooters.

The assembly of VISIONAL hoverboards is partially performed in Latvia.

Our principle is to design, test and produce new scootes and security systems, hidden under beautiful design solutions.

Our customers receive the highest quality products at the most affordable price.


EUROSCOOTER.EU offers a wide range of products in great quantity.

For large orders we can offer especially attractive prices, which will be lower even wholesale prices in China.

Wholesale — cooperation:

For cooperation we may offer You to conclude a written contract.

Please contact us:

+371 29 650 250

Our clients are such companies as:


And more than 200 other Latvian Internet shops, and 500 companies worldwide.

The Department of wholesale sales:


+371 28818151

Ivans Fedorovskis

Addresses of our stores:

Center: A.Caka street 129 store EUROSCOOTER.EU

Pardaugava: Kalnciema street 148 shop EUROSCOOTER.EU

Working hours: from 10:00 to 19:00, Saturday from 10:30 to 16:00